IZGEN's Business Scope

IZGEN provides comprehensive electrical and mechanical field services as EPC as requested. The scope of works covered installation, erection & assembly services for heavy duty sector. Briefly, the electromechanical works can be definition as following items; marking, labelling, installation, cabling, traying, termination, functuonal tests, insulation tests, equipment assembly, turbine, diesel engine, piping, pipeline equipment, boiler, superheater, hydraulic units and all electro-mechanical skid assembly, start-up, etc

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LV - MV Power & Control Electrical Installation

  • Cabling, Traying
  • Electrical Plumbing
  • Fibre Optic Ending
  • Cupper Bus Bar Manufacturing
  • Isolated Phase Busbar Ducting
  • Instrumentation
  • Termination
  • Electrical Tests

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Installation & Equipment Assembly

  • Power MachineS Assembly
  • Piping, Pipeline Equipment
  • Pump, Tank, Reactor Assembly
  • Steam / Air / Hydraulic Pressurized Units
  • Boiler, Super Heater, Waste Heat Recovery
  • Turbine - Generator Assembly
  • ONAN - ONAF Transformer Assembly
  • HV Substation Montage
  • MV Switchgears Montage
  • MV & HV Switchyards Montage
  • 11,6kv - 400kV Lines Montage
  • MCC Motor Control Panels Montage
  • PLC & DCS Panels Montage
  • Maintenance & Part Replacement

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Industrial Relocation Engineering

IZGEN Relocation Engineering Department provides a complete turn-key service for every stage of industrial and commercial plant relocation, from dismantlement and relocation plan development to match marking, heavy machinery moving, rigging, re-installation and start up. With our vast experience and our utilization of the latest technologies, equipment and techniques.

Project Management

The Project Execution Strategy should be decided early in the planning process, preferably during the Feasibility Study. More specifically, the “best fit” approach should be apparent sometime between identifying a baseline scope and schedule. In most cases, the Feasibility Study will contain enough information for the project sponsor to finalize recommendations to management on which Execution Strategy best fits the project. There are specific conditions and determining factors that will help you decide which approach best suits your project.

We offer a full package of services for the dismantling of plant, transportation and reinstallation at the new site. Our factory relocation project management includes consultation, planning, risk analysis and implementation through milestone objectives to completion to carry out your project efficiently, within budget and on time. Disassembling, Transport, Reconstruction and Other Services Related to the Relocation Projects. Brand new isn't always the only option. Sometimes, constructing new process, industrial or power plants isn't the best approach for a number of reasons: cost effectiveness, fast-tracked scheduling or environmental issues, for example. As part of our factory relocation services we use a wide range of mobile cranes, fork-lifts and lifting gear to manoeuvre machinery, plant or equipment onto and off appropriate transportation vehicles. Our transportation service capability includes of heavy plant & machinery. Plant Relocation IZGEN engineering is a trusted partner in relocating existing plant infrastructure anywhere in the world. We can assist you in the turnkey dismantling, transport, and re-construction of plant equipment, machinery, and systems. The typical stages of our factory relocation services will include the following aspects.

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Assessment & Technical Evaluation

Modern power plants running on fossil fuels transform primary energy sources, such as coal, oil, gas as well as industrial residues and municipal waste, into heat, steam or electrical energy. IZGEN provides its demanding customers with services such as technical and economic pre-feasibility studies, tender design, and project management for small- and large-scale power plants, and furthermore power generation systems for offshore facilities and pumping stations along large pipeline systems. IZGEN has comprehensive expertise in the implementation of privately and publicly financed projects and diverse types of models for public-private partnerships.

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